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Academica Digital Education Publisher, a digital educational publisher, created from education to improve teaching and high educational performance in students. Academica publishes material ranging from elementary school to college level.

In Spain, at Academica Digital Education Publisher, we work to help schools with their educational needs, with high-value products that promote the growth of students, increase the satisfaction of families, and consolidate recognition of the schools.

We offer public and private schools and institutions working in the field of education the opportunity to include in their syllabus prestige, multidisciplinary, multilingual, and 100% digital education in the classroom, from pre-school to university studies.

Montserrat Auladell, Director of Pureza de María Inca School
"Together with Academica, we have promoted a multilingual, innovative, educational, international project adapted to the needs of our students. It has been an excellent bet to continue with the mission of offering comprehensive education that our founder, Alberta Giménez Adrover, began: “Doing all things as well as we know how, whatever it is.”

Carmen Valero Taverner - Director of IALE International School :
"Academica has opened more doors to internationalization, expanding opportunities and completing resources. All this in an easy and very structured way.”

Rosa Pinyol - Director of the Jesús María School:
“I am sure that a woman and an entrepreneur in her time, such as our founder, Saint Claudine Thévenet, would have chosen Academica to merge tradition and innovation to give continuity to her project.”

Carlos García-Verdugo - Director of Cervantes School:
“In Academica, we were looking for support with innovation in education and ensuring the loyalty of the younger students. With the Critical Thinking class, we achieved all this together with the considerable satisfaction of the students, teachers, and parents.”

Josep María LLuró - Director of Montagut School:
“In Academica, we were looking for innovative publishing support and we found a partner who helped us to roll out our education in a much more ambitious way.”

Eunice Pastor Sendra - Director of Alpha & Omega School:
“A syllabus implementation that has enriched our students notably and provided a highly valuable opportunity for families, schools, and faculty.”

César Sánchez - Director of El Casal School:
“Together with Academica, we are integrating an international and global dimension to our goals, learning processes, and innovation in the school, which highlights the relationship between people, cultures, and knowledge.”

Antonio Hernández - Director of Alarcón School:
“With the implementation in our school of the “Middle School” project via the Critical Thinking class in 6th year of elementary school, 1st and 2nd year of middle school, we have committed to education aligned with the needs of 21st-century students and we continue to encourage critical thinking in our pupils, through research, projects on thought, and teamwork.”

Mª José Antón Muñoz - Santísima Trinidad School:
“Dual Baccalaureate and Critical Thinking - two commitments to educational excellence in our School of Care: ‘Perfection does not consist of the multitude of things done but of the fact that they are well done’ - Saint Vincent de Paul”

Julieta Jiménez de Llano García - School of the Slaves of the Sacred Heart of Jesus:
“Academica has helped us to internationalize the education in our school with a practical and innovative focus. Its online platform encourages independent work and promotes the individual responsibility of our students.”

Alberto Bolívar - Director of Montfort School:
“In Academica, we have found a privileged partner for us in innovation, linguistic immersion, and digitalization of education.”

M. Àngels Cifre Ruano - Director of the School of the Assumption of Our Lady of Barcelona:
“At our school, the Assumption of Our Lady of Barcelona, with the curricular assistance of Academica, we have been able to provide a multilingual, intercultural, and international educational project to respond to the needs, satisfaction, and loyalty of our students and their families.”


In 2018, Academica, together with Spanish schools, initiated a project to promote internationalization, multilingualism, digitalization, and innovation in education, providing answers to the needs and interests expressed by the schools.

With the implementation of a US syllabus in the 6th year of elementary school (6th grade) and the 1st and 2nd years of secondary school (1st and 2nd years of middle school); the syllabus would be 100% digital, developed and adapted to the needs of Spanish students and taught by teachers from the school, in their classroom.

Benefits of implementing 100% digitalized international subjects in the school’s syllabus

Internationalization of education
Bridge between projects of the primary and secondary stages of education
Pedagogic strategies that are attractive for students and teachers
True digitization of education and teaching
Strengthening of multilingual programs
Family satisfaction
Student loyalty
Recognition of the school

Watch this video to see the result of 4 years of study, development, implementation, analysis, and evaluation, summarized in 30 minutes, as told by those involved: students, teachers, and schools.

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